I'm Daniel, a web developer based in Surrey, England.

About me

Hi there, I'm Daniel. I'm a professional web developer with over 4 years of freelance experience using the latest frontend and backend technologies. Let's work together and transform your ideas into reality!

Beyond coding, you can find me hitting the gym, going on runs, and playing basketball for my local team. I also have a strong entreprenurial drive; I love exploring new ideas and developing startups in my spare time.


A selection of some notable projects I have developed.


Sweet Passion Cakes

Recently, I had the joy of working with Sweet Passion Cakes on the redesign of their website. A lot of work was needed, but we quickly settled on a design that we were all happy with within the first day. The new website offers a simple and intuitive way for users to access information about the store and the cakes, while also making it easy to place orders and reserve tables.

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Abehub 2

A twitter-clone designed to connect students at Woking High School. Funded through a student-managed GoFundMe.

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A YouTube Music playlist generator for creating videos similar to this.

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A python library that provides an easy-to-use interface to the Bereal API.

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An AI command-line tool that translates natural language into executable commands for your terminal.

PythonAICommand line
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My corner of the internet where I showcase my work and blog about technology.

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WHS Blog

A blogging platform developed for students to express their opinions on the Woking High School policies and discuss ideas.



Here is what my clients have said about me. (Taken from Fiverr)

Amazing work with this professional. Looking forward to work with him again. Great communication skills. - undressk
This is the second time I've worked with Daniel and the second I've been blown away with the quality of his work. Seriously incredible, he went above and beyond for each project I threw at him. - rlhyperboosting
Achieved everything I asked for, even on a strict turnaround time. The work was amazing! - timhal
Fantastic job and above all my expectations. As a rookie programmer, I can't even fathom how this can be created for the price! - dsiharath98


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